The Embankment is a quiet neighbor to more than 300 properties along its
immediate length, and a historic and open space asset to Jersey City.
Its future as a place for everyone to enjoy can be realized
only with the support of people like you, acting on its behalf.

Get involved to turn current possibilities into realities.


For 20 years the threat of demolition has hung over the Harsimus Branch Embankment. The effort to preserve it was a grassroots initiative undertaken against great odds, and continues to be fueled by the energy of citizens. Only with the sustained support of hundreds of individuals and organizations has the work of the Embankment Preservation Coalition to secure the Embankment been possible. 

What are the chief ways you can contribute?

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Members are the bedrock of the Coalition.  Membership is open to all who share the Coalition's goals. Join us to create a legacy for generations to come.


If you have some time, the Coalition can use your help. You may have a special interest or skill, wish to make a commitment over time, or simply want to help out at a single event. Please fill out our Volunteer form and tell us what you'd like to do.


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Though the Coalition is an all-volunteer organization, we have operational expenses and need funds for insurance, accounting, legal and other professional expertise, and extraordinary expenses. Please contribute.


If you would like more information about the Coalition, contact us at or come to our next event and meet other Embankment supporters.


Become a Member

Members are the bedrock of the Coalition.  With your support, we can make the Embankment park a reality!

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