The Coalition envisions that the Embankment will be owned by Jersey City and
reused as a linear park and trail, a segment of the East Coast Greenway and
Liberty-Water Gap Trail. It will be a serene oasis in a densely populated city.
Public access, with safeguards for habitat and adjoining communities, will
ensure that this historic structure continues to serve generations to come.


"In dreams begin responsibilities." 
                           - W.B. Yeats

When the City of Jersey City acquires the Embankment, it will undertake a public planning process. The Coalition aims to contribute to that process and to encourage the community to do likewise, in the hopes of obtaining a park as elevated as the Embankment itself. 

Our Vision

In 2006, the Coalition commissioned a concept design from Cassandra Wilday Associates that incorporated the three main goals of the Coalition and the City for the site: reserved strip for possible future light rail, East Coast Greenway bike and walking trail, and habitat-oriented park with meandering paths. See Our Vision

Your Vision

Over the years, a number of architectural professors and students have contacted the Coalition and engaged us in various projects to imagine a future for the Embankment. In 2011, a few talented local residents submitted their own renderings and models. Their work is provided here, and the Coalition will be inviting others to share their vision, in words or images, for the Embankment. See Share Your Vision.


Other artists and photographers have documented the Embankment as it is. See the Gallery.